Enioluwa rants as he replies those criticizing him for condemning harassment of crossdresser



Popular influencer, Enioluwa Adeoluwa vents after netizens came at him for condemning the public harassment of a crossdresser by a gang of men for wearing female clothing.

It would be recalled that a group of men confronted a crossdresser and demanded angrily that he take off his clothes right away.

Enioluwa Adeoluwa

In the video, the men were seen threatening to hurt the crossdresser if he refused to comply with their instructions, which he subsequently succumbed to.

Enioluwa reacted by denouncing the deed and describing it as unfair and harsh. He said that criticizing a man for his sexual orientation or inclinations is cruel.

He received criticism for his remarks afterward, with some accusing him of being gay.

The influencer acknowledged that some might misunderstand what he said and insisted that justice must be carried out regardless of one’s inclinations or opinions.

His words: “You can decide to misconstrue what I have said but “Regardless of our personal beliefs or preferences, justice should never be selective. Once it is, then it simply does not exist.” We cannot resort to violence or harm against others simply because we disagree with their choices or lifestyles. Just as we would report illegal activities to the authorities, we must uphold the principle of due process and refrain from taking justice into our own hands. We must reject the notion that violence is justified based on our perceptions of stereotypes and misconceptions. Disputes should and must be resolved through lawful means.”


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