Iyanya fumes, knocks troll who compared him to Wizkid and Samklef



Musician Iyanya responds to a social media troll who trashed his musical talents while explaining why Wizkid is hated in the music industry.

In a recent social media exchange, Iyanya took offense when a troll compared his career trajectory to that of Wizkid.

The user, @Xperience_Snr, retweeted a comment from @itzbasito congratulating Wizkid for exceeding expectations and becoming an industry standard.

“Wizkid’s only crime is surpassing the benchmark set for him and becoming the benchmark himself” he tweeted.

Iyanya, Nigerian artist

Reposting it, @Xperience_Snr noted that Wizkid was expected to follow in the footsteps of Iyanya and Samklef, meaning that their careers had fallen short of expectations.

“Same reason why Drake gets a lot of hate. The whole entertainment industry didn’t expect that little tiny white boy to get that far, Wizkid was supposed to end up like Samklef and Iyanya” the other user added.

Iyanya however, took strong exception to this comparison, responding with a scathing tweet that wished the user a fate similar to his father’s.

You will end up like your father” Iyanya fumed.

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