Lola Alao recounts humiliating slap while doing caregiver job in Canada



Nollywood star, Lola Alao recounts a humiliating experience after relocating to Canada at the hands of a patient who assaulted her, prompting her to quit her caregiver job immediately.

In a recent interview with fellow actor Kunle Afod, she discussed dropping her career and moving from Nigeria to Canada.

The actress revealed that while she had no regrets about her decision, she wished she had learned a trade before relocating.

Lola Alao recounted an incident where a patient suffering from dementia called for her and then slapped her when she approached.

This encounter made her realize that the caregiver role wasn’t suitable for her, prompting her to resign from the position with immediate effect.

Lola Alao on humiliating slap while doing caregiver job in Canada

“I always advice people looking to relocate to learn a skill or a trade because when I first came to Canada I had to learn a course to become a caretaker. So I went to the school for a full year and one day during my time caring for the elderly one of the patients slapped me… a very hot slap!”

“I had bathed her and clothed for this dementia patient and she started to complain about her earring. So when I went to check on her to see what was wrong, she gave me a hard slap and I began to cry. The nurses around came to us after hearing the commotion and that was the day I decided that I wasn’t doing that anymore.”

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