Lady shares her father’s reaction after threatening to start hookup



Young lady cause buzz on social media as she shares her father’s unusual reaction to her threat of starting hookup business.

The lady wanted to ask him for some money and she threatened that if he did not send her some, she will venture into hookup.

This message seemed to be funny to father who jokingly told her to go ahead, while stating explicitly that the men would destroy her private parts with theirs.

While some netizens feel like it’s just a joke, others have condemned the father for using such language with his daughter.

Here are some reactions to the video

b_unique said: “As funny as this might be, it says a lot about the background. If she finally does it, he’s going to be indifferent about it and that’s not even right ” stated: “Y’all commenting got a wrong understanding of this, the father knows clearly the type of child he has and wouldn’t even for once think she’s capable of that so her trick didn’t work, nothing serious like that.”

maanaroyal added: “Feàr sef no go allow me joke that kind joke, I know the type of brothers I have, talk alone father. lol ”

alex_teflondon reacted: “I don’t want to believe that this is her father’s response …Fathers are always very protective and wouldn’t respond this way”

bolu_marv asked: “Why’re yall mad about his response? Did he lie? Am I missing sumn? He’s just direct and yall know how raw Yoruba can sound”

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