Young man gifts father stacks of cash after hitting riches



A viral video shows a young man blessing his father with stacks of cash after hitting the riches big.

The young man who came about wealth decided to bless his father with some of it.

Young man gives father stacks of cash.

A trending video online shows the young man handing his father the bundles of money.

The man was overtly happy, as his son continued to stack one bundle above the other.

Read the comments from netizens below:

dfwleenah said: “How much is a bundle of 100naira”

evve_lynn said: “Wetin all these small boys dey do to i, get money sef.. the papa no fit reject the money or ask questions…”

mrfynest001 said: “God bless you bro for showing love to i, ur dad , dis people be making men look bad always”

debie_smart said: “Old taker go Dey look Dey smile”

iam_cocoblack said: “And he dey collect am… normalize asking your children of their source of income”

Watch the video below:

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