Nigerian mother rants as son introduces her to baddie girlfriend



Nigerian mother enraged after her son introduced her to his baddie girlfriend and she saw her outfit.

The boy who is dating a supposed baddie decided to take the lady to his mom so they can meet each other as the women in his life.

Unfortunately, the mother was very displeased with what the lady was wearing and did not hesitate to share her opinion.

She warned the son to take his girlfriend out of their home and lodge her somewhere else because she could not stand her presence.

While many feel she reacted too harshly, others opine that the girl should have dressed more appropriately.

Here are some reactions to the video below

kingkopay asked: “Why would your mother speak to someone like that, at least even if there is something wrong with the cloth which there is not, she would have spoken to you when she leaves. your mama lack home training.”

mayorsoj noted: “But your son carry full dread for head.. ehn mama?”

evve__lynn opined: “Your mums opinion doesn’t matter.. if you love each other then marry her”

dfw_ogor stated: “There’s nothing wrong with this outfit but everything is wrong wearing it to go see your mother in-law for the first time. Africans don’t have filter.”

bella_bitesss claimed: “This is rubb!$h sha. No body’s mom can disrespect me like this!!! Because of that ur warey son ”

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