Gracious Brown makes exit from James Brown’s house after his accusations



Sister to popular crossdresser, Gracious Brown has packed her bag to leave James Brown’s house despite her claims that they paid the rent together.

James Brown had shared a bloodied video of himself recently, while stating that his sister had ganged up with his neighbors to beat him up.

He officially announced that he had disowned her, while revealing she is just his stepsister and not biological as many believed.

Gracious debunked the accusations that she ganged up against him, while correcting his claims that the reason she was not in his movie was because he refused her to participate.

Gracious Brown.

She shared a text with an unidentified person, who said James Brown had begged her numerous times to be in his movie and was always beating her up.

Out of respect for her elder brother and the mother they share together, Gracious refused to speak too much about the matter.

However, she asked for time to heal as she assured online users that she would still speak on everything at the right time and with evidence.

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