Nigerian single mother’s tearful plea for help goes viral



A single Nigerian mother breaks down, shedding tears on social media due to the challenges of being a single mother, while begging God for help.

This was shared in a recent post on her page on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian single mother’s tearful plea for help goes viral.

The caption of her post, “Being a single mother is not easy, God help me,” accompanies a photo showing her very sad and teary face after she had cried excessively over her situation of being a single mother and the challenges she faces.

In the photo, she is seen laying on the floor, cradling her baby in her arms.

In a second post, she captions, “Dear God, please give me strength when I’m weak, give me courage when I’m afraid. Grant me happiness now and forever.”

As the post circulates on social media, concerned individuals flood the comment section to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

kaffy kaffy: “don’t worry,it will pass bcos have been there too. stay strong for yourself,your baby and family. That child needs you bcos you are the only option to life and to live. Stay focus and get.”

Timi rose: “The lord is our strength. It not easy stay strong.”

betty: “please stay strong for your child am going true alot am the only one my daughter have.”

AYANFE: “everything will be fine mahmah am also a single mom too I kno how it feels when one person is taking two person responsibilities just be prayerfull ifeh be good for ur bby.”

Omilewa1234: “Don’t cry ,God is with you forever I am a single mum of 1 n my precious baby will be 3 soon ,so it has been God although,you are free to cry but.”

TIMI28123: “Everything will surely be fine,by God grace may God grant u the strength to take care of ur kid.I pray God bless you abundantly so u can’t take care of ur child to be a single mom isn’t easy.”


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