Lady refunds N400K to man she doesn’t like amid severe backlash



A young Nigerian lady who mocked a man she had no interest in dating refunds a N400K cash gift after being dragged through the mud on the internet.

The lady identified as @Zahrahshekarau had taken to the microblogging platform, X to brag about getting a cash gift of N400K from a toaster she wouldn’t want to date.

However, her joy was immediately turned into sadness after being branded a thief and a gold digger by social media users.

In a follow-up development, Zahrah quoted the post revealing her conversation with the same man having talked with him on the issue.

In a released chat, her mother has been involved in the matter and urged her to return the money despite the man’s persistence.

Reactions as lady refunds N400K to man she wouldn’t date

FuturistFreeman stated: “Gather here if you believe she clone the guys watsapp, chatted with herself and sent the money to herself. Your mum must be really daft to think you’d fool us with this.”

ChuckIBMK reacted: “You just dy gba, Money you no get, clout you no use am do anything.”

XsandrraX said: “Wtf is wrong with the people in your comment section??
I hate losers like mad.”

AkinBamTips penned: “After them don drag you. You for no return am .”

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