Moment bride’s father sternly cautions groom during wedding



A trending video shows the moment a bride’s father warns her husband-to-be never to raise his hand on her.

The caring father took the opportunity during the traditional wedding to dish out some advice to groom.


In his speech he told him that he is only collecting his bride price for the formality not because he had sold his daughter to him.

He noted to the groom that he has never raised his hand to beat his daughter and wouldn’t tolerate hearing that he touches his daughter.

Read the comments below:

mz_potable said: “If she is not Abusive , I see no reason why a man will hita woman. Parents should learn to do this , we are not selling our daughter to you , we don’t suppose domestic violence”

positivebondship said: “He speaks from how he feels, it’s just areminder”

ajimovoix_drums said: “I support u sir with one crate of Pepsi”

mannequin_lordess said: “I love how parents are being vocal about the welfare of their kids now.”

sotyz_interiors said: “I hope he told his daughter to respect her husband too?”

mannequin_lordess said: “Father of the year. Tell them Daddy!. Preach!”

ka_joc said: “He didn’t have to say that rubbish there at the wedding, it’ll give the guests the impression that he’s laid hands or attempted to lay hands on her before, no be only him get daughter.”

Watch the video below:

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