Isreal DMW accused of leaking secrets about Davido, 30BG to bloggers



Davido’s crew member, Isreal DMW Afeare faces accusations of betraying his boss and the entire 30BG team by feeding secrets to bloggers.

The accusations surfaced after Ima Elijah, a spokesperson for Bobo Ajudua, Davido’s lawyer, accused Isreal of leaking confidential information to the media.

This incident follows reports of Davido parting ways with Ajudua, which made waves across social media space.

In response, Ima shared screenshots of chats and a lengthy message sent to Isreal DMW on her Instagram stories. She alleged that Isreal had been fueling negative publicity against Ajudua and spreading falsehoods from Davido’s inner circle to the press.

In her message, she also mentioned Isreal’s recent apology to Bobo after disrespecting him and insulting his father.

She vowed to confront the logistic manager head-on, stating that she wasn’t afraid to take action against him.

See the snapshots below …

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