Kizz Daniel shocks many as he reveals top 3 bad habits



Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel, leaves many jaws dropping as shares some of his bad habits, adultery makes the infamous list.

Although the post has now been deleted, he has received so much backlash for the confession.

In an interactive question and answer session with some of his fans on Twitter, the musician revealed this secret.

A fan, @DanbauchiM82756, had questioned why he claims to have a very bad habit to which he responded, saying it was normal for everybody to have one.

Another user, @Royalzamani, then questioned the singer, wanting to know what bad habits he was struggling with.

Nigerian musician, Kizz Daniel.

Kizz Daniel replied openly, sharing that he was dealing with drinking to stupor, smoking cigarettes and adultery.

While many seem to understand the first two, his confession of being adulterous comes as a shock especially with his marital status.

See the post here

Some netizens reactions to Kizz Daniel’s confession

thefoodnetworknig2 claimed: “He don quick confess before blogs begin leak am…”

tiaramoore_18 wrote: “A married man proudly admitting adultery. Okay, very good. Very very smart”

princewilson_ opined: “If he had said “womanizing”, that would have been a whole lot better. But straight up adu!tery? That’s just so wrong. Doesn’t show respect for your wife or your marriage. No be everything them suppose dey talk outside”

nhaomie_20 asked: “Y’all actually believe this? This is just cruise… y’all can’t read the room?!”

zunim.aesthetics commented: “These kind of men are for dating alone not marriage , but the wife rush go marry boyfriend material as husband ”

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