Nigerian man leaves netizens gushing over romantic display with oyinbo lover



In a heartwarming video that has captivated social media, a Nigerian man was captured sharing a romantic moment with his Oyinbo lover.

In the video shared online, the man was seen calling out to his white girlfriend as she playfully ran away from him. When she returned, he asked her to put on her slippers and praised her for being a good runner.

Netizens gushed over the couple in the comments, with some suggesting that only white women are capable of such romantic gestures.

Read some reactions that followed…

Thomas frankly asserted: “Only white fit give this kind love”

Advert Channel said: “Exactly. Leave all these Nigerian girls let dem go and marry oyibo let us too marry oyibo. Everybody will rest”

mattman wondered: “How did he pull her tho Pablo you do this wan”

Philip wrote: “Nigeria don tire this one ”

Holyboy ezent noted: “Na on x app them they see the love oo”

jerry thompson stated: “At first i think say na Albino oh ”

BIG SHABZ said: “This one sweet me sha ”

JAIYE said: “Love sweet ooo ”

Last Born asked: “This one na love???”

9ja Urban Farmer advised: “Enjoy yourself while you are young”

Topman opined: “This is activity not love”

Andrew J said: “Funny enough, love is breaking boundaries.”



— Abido Shaker (@therealdotun) May 19, 2024

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