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A content creator, Amah Chisom lists five businesses married women should never venture especially those whose husbands reside abroad.

In a now-viral video, the lady via her TikTok page @sozikchoppers39 argued that the highlighted businesses promote infidelity in marriages.

Chisom insisted that aside from being open to multiple choices of men, no woman with value would choose to do the said business if they valued their integrity.

In her words, “You see these five businesses I am about to list here, no responsible woman would do them unless they sell their body. This is because these businesses expose women to multiple choices of men better than their husbands.”

Five Businesses Married Women Shouldn’t Do

Run a Beer Parlour
Real Estate
Own a Boutique
Barbing Salon for Men
Massage / Spa

While many agreed with her, others kicked against some businesses on the list, including Real Estate, and Boutique.


christian_anyanwu1 said: “Honest truth but I swear down una no go believe..she’s literally saying the truth.”

2piecebybecky penned: “I need to check where y’all get your mentality from… If it’s school what’s the name of the school please ,??? So, my children will avoid such school.”

naija.bakers stated: “Beer parlour I understand but other businesses you mentioned here, are good ones. Madam, who deceived your brother .”

agianps said: “I could not get past No 1 business, go and work on your self discipline please. As a married woman you can interact with men in different jobs, public transport, airport, school and several other public spaces.”

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