Three Nigerian ladies discover they are dating the same man, become friends to teach him lesson



Three Nigerian ladies have captured the attention of many on social media with their unique response after discovering they were dating the same man.

Thee story, shared by @dance_qwin_ on TikTok, has captivated the hearts of many netizens with their unexpected response to the discovery.

The saga began when @dance_qwin_ and two other ladies realized they were all dating the same man.

Instead of letting jealousy or resentment take over, the three women employ a unique strategy.

They decided to befriend each other and collaborate on a playful retaliation against the man who had deceived them.

@dance_qwin_ documented their journey on TikTok, where she shared joyful moments with her newfound friends.

Netizens Reactions…

Ebele Ann said; “The same thing I wanted to do but this girl said he is still her boyfriend despite everything. I kuku hold my peace.”

Ransome perry said; “Na who wise pass go win bcoz I’m sure between the 3 , Judas must be there.”

Pretty Engeens said; “Until he decides to settle down with ine person story no go clear again.”

Cj said: “We found out about each other,we both promised to leave him’she con go back to him for back as I find out na so me too go back.”

baddiemelanin said: “This is what we are supposed to do, but this girl Dey call me to warn me everytime.”

Abigail77 said: “I did this with my bf girl baba send money to us and we both went for shopping ask me where are the two of us now.”

MAMMIE gold said: “This was me and one girl but she no later corporate she went to tell my bf with screenshots of what I said but guess what.”

Gracie said: “wanted to do this with this girl when I found out only for the girl to go tell the guy the whe plan and I’m the bad person. LOL.

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