Husband exposes wife’s affair with manager, quits job and files for divorce



Heartbroken husband exposes wife’s affair with his general manager as he quits job and files for divorce from his wife.

The man revealed that a job opening popped up at the organization where he worked as an accountant.


He stated that he had informed his wife about this and helped her apply for the position.

Fortunately for her, she got the job and the duo began working in the same company but in different departments.

Not long after her employment, she got promoted up the ladder and at the same time, he began noticing and also hearing that she is always together with their general manager.

He noted that he confronted her about this several times and she denied, until he finally saw their chat.

His words read …

“My wife and I work in the same organization. I was here before her. She joined me a year after marriage because the salary here is better and there was vacancy so I recommended her. I am an accountant so we are in different departments.

Sometimes I don’t even see her till work is over but we do come to work and leave together because we close at the same time and we use just one car. My wife gota promotion in her department so she is currently the departmental head and general supervisor of all other departmental heads.

Her salary is almost twice mine and she gets bonuses and other incentives. She is really hardworking, eloquent and smart. She knows how to get to people and all that but there were  people before her who are even more qualified for the promotion.

It was also being rumored that she is sleeping with the GM because she spends most of her time in his office anytime the man comes around. I didn’t know any of this because I wasn’t there to see what was going on.

So l asked her on our way home one day and she got angry, accusing me of not trusting her and giving ears to those who are against her because she got promoted. She made a scene that day, I felt bad and thought she was probably telling the truth, especially because she got promoted and I thought, ‘Oh yeah, she was being envied.

So I apologized and ignored the rumuors. Weeks later, a lady friend from her department came telling me to check my wife because she is certain there was something between her and the GM.

She sounded convincing and even added that they hug among others. I got pissed and asked my wife again on our way home that the rumuors are still circulating.

She again denied it and cursed whoever came to tell me what I heard. I started monitoring her. I visited her office impromptu a few times and she was in the GM’s office. I will go to the GM’s office A and when I knock, it takes a while before I am asked to come in. sometimes, I would be asked to come back later.

She later explained that she normally goes to report to the man or helps him with things in the office.

One day, I checked her phone and saw that she was having an affair with the man. They were talking about s3x. she was even complaining to the man that her waist hurt because of the table so she is not letting them have s3x on it again. I was heartbroken. I confronted her with the messages and she couldn’t deny it.

I wrote and submitted a resignation letter the next day and decided to divorce her. She resigned too the next day and begged me to pardon her that she didn’t know what came over her etc. I considered the fact that she also resigned just to make things work between us.”

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