Moment ladies denied entry finally get access to Davido’s wedding



Jubilation across social media as ladies who were previously denied entry for not having invites gain access to Davido’s wedding.

The two ladies were openly embarrassed at the luxurious wedding of the new couple.

Recall that before the event, there were strict measures put in place to ensure that only those invited would be present at the occasion.

These ladies turned up for the wedding but were unfortunately turned back at the entrance by security.

After making some calls, they were lucky to gain access to the wedding despite the earlier embarrassment they faced.

See netizens reactions to the post

@DropoutNfl claimed: “When the party dey close”

@cutyerica_ noted: “She won finally no matter where you find yourself in life, never give up my dear compatriot.”

@aketefia said: “You see why I say, don’t believe everything you see on social media
You guys were fast to post when she was standing outside but didn’t post when she finally entered till she even snapped with the couple”

@_razzidahitman noted: “All the embarrassment just to come and do video and oppress your friends on Snapchat e really worth am? ”

@sirbobby_14 opined: “She went there to sell her market (body) if not why would you dress like that and all your nipples are almost out. Hookup children looking for contact to collect”

@cravingsnails added: “There is nothing I h&te in this world than embarrassment. Then the tackiness of the dress is a topic for another day. No one cares about the aftermath. Whether you were later let in or not. You were openly embarrassed. It is either you are sure of where you are going to or you stay in the comfort of your home. Going to a place through someone because they said you could come isn’t invitation especially on an occasion that was strictly on invitation. Eating your snacks in your cozy pjs would have spared you all of that”

Watch the video here

She later enter sha.

— That Guy‍ (@OmahRico) June 26, 2024

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