Lady devastated as landlord breaks promises after having affair with her



A 30-year-old Ghanaian lady named Afia, has taken to social media to tearfully share her painful experience with her landlord.

In a video that surfaced online, the Ghanaian lady was seen tearfully accusing her landlord of breaking his promises to her.

According to the lady’s account, the ordeal began when she rented an apartment from her landlord, whose identity remains undisclosed.

Over time, the landlord allegedly expressed romantic interest in her, citing his status as a divorcee.

Moved by his promises, which included a rent-free extension for three years and exemption from utility bills, the lady agreed to enter into a relationship with him.

However, as time unfolded, the lady discovered the painful truth when the landlord’s claims of being divorced turned out to be false, as his wife unexpectedly returned to their shared residence.

Shocked and betrayed, the lady decided to end the relationship and vacate the premises, demanding a refund of two years’ worth of rent from the landlord.

In the video shared online, the lady was seen expressing deep sorrow over the deceit she endured from the landlord.

Netizens Reactions…

Dinah Amankwaah said;  “Ante Naa and her crew, God will continue to bless you abundantly above and beyond in all things, for your good works and your love.”

Isaac Owusu Ansah commented; “Sister don’t der cry there,you have made a big mistake, you agreed with the man, you were not forced.”

Efua Dorcas stated: “Your landlord is wise paaa he wait for you to pay the rent and later propose to you Efua Dorcas reacted: Madam stop this funny crying …u ar not a kid.”

Dornas Fashiongh said; “what at all is going on with this gender of mine eiiiiiiiiiii.”

JESUS CHRIST IS GOD said; “hmmm woman.”

Samira said; “herh so landlord chop u freeMen can promise you heaven and earth at that critical time I called it coding hour.

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