Young man cries out over dirty environment in UK



A young African man has taken to social media to express his dismay over the dirty environment in his new neighborhood in the UK.

The video posted by @_s_igh captured the dirty streets and unkempt environment in Newcastle, sparking a wave of reactions from viewers.

The young man, who had previously thought his former residence was in worse condition, was shocked to find that his new surroundings were way more neglected.

In his video, the young man could be seen expressing his frustration, even using strong language to convey his disgust.

Netizens Reactions…

borntopay4a1% said: “Traditionally the west end of Newcastle was always rough but the people where sweet I found. when the council changed to those shared bins rats increased & laziness.”

shelly said: “This has to be Benwell or west road area rest of Newcastle isn’t like that.”

Aisha B Humble said: “I was brought up with the old ways, every one sweeps the outside of their house once a week. Now people don’t bother.”

Kev said: “All it takes is a bit of community spirt, pride and routine outside area cleaning.

Sheila said: “People use to scrub the yards their front steps and take such pride in what little they had.”

FunkyClaudeIII said: “I remember my mum and all the women in our street scrubbing the front step each morning. Not a speck was out of place.”

KelseyxLx said: “I couldn’t cope. I actually pick up rubbish on my street.”

user7023637817067 said: “Bradford, Bolton, Leicester, etc’ people are happy to live like this, it reminds them of home.

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