Lady drags husband for running her into debt



Nigerian woman drags her husband as she struggles with significant debt after the birth of her child.

She claimed that her husband, whom she married, never genuinely loved her but instead exploited their relationship for financial gain, leaving her in a dire financial situation.


In a tearful video shared by @oyindamola_honey, she revealed that her partner consistently took money from her, driving her into significant debt.

Despite never contributing to their relationship, he even called her while she was in labor to demand money, showing no concern for her well-being.

Now overwhelmed by financial struggles, Oyindamola is seeking help and support from the online community.

Her words:

“First of all I want to apologise to everybody that I have disappointed. Because I have disappointed a whole lot of people. I have disappointed myself. I have disappointed my child. I failed my family. Please the narrative online is not true. Everyone knows me.

My marriage failed me. In fact, I have regret. If I had known I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant or married. I’ve regretted every step I took in my life. They turned me to nothing. Nothing. I was doing so well before I got married. The person I fit pregnant for doesn’t have anything. Three years of my life has been in lies and depression and frustration.

“I’ve been going through a lot for three years. People that know me have been asking what is wrong with me. I was doing everything I could for this guy. Everything I could. All my life since I met this guy I was into debt. Debt that I cannot even account for. I don’t even wear good clothes. I don’t do good hair. I don’t have anything. I was covering up and doing everything so people will not see him as nobody. “Even when I was in labour and in pain, the person that got me pregnant was telling me he needed money and was in debt. I was in labour and still looking for money to give him. After my delivery, I still sent him N100,000. I had to also look for money to clear my hospital bill. But it’s this same man that will not defend me when somebody calls me out online. But he will drag me. If there’s any issue, his family will ask him to send me out. I’m in huge debt. Please help me.”

Read comments from netizens below:

@I am.Seunfunmi said: “Madam carry your cross ooo. We all have what we are going through but we just dey maintain our steeze ni.”

@sleekyorganics reacted: “Who be the guy why you know drop is handle make we cause am ha you still they pity am.”

@Harbidehmhey09 said: “This Oyin, only people who doesn’t know her will talk trash about her. She’s such a hard working that every man needs in their lives.”

@Rita Emadiku said: “It is well with you sis na so one werey say make I come help am pay loan in the name of relationship.”

@Small girl big God added: “Thank you Jesus for saving me from a replica of her husband, so grateful I cut off my wedding two days to the ceremony. This would have been my story. I feel for you and I’m so sorry you are a victim.”

Watch the video below:


Pls I’m sorry for all my mistakes yall should pls help me 0142300672 gtb ADEBAYO OYINDAMOLA is the account details

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