London-based man cuts ties with VeryDarkman over recent social media controversy



A London-based Nigerian man, Obinna Aligwekwe, has taken to social media to publicly cut ties with controversial activist VeryDarkMan over his recent insensitive remark.

The man took the unusual step of cutting VeryDarkMan out of an old photograph they had together, citing his dissatisfaction with the activist’s recent online behavior.

The controversy stems from VeryDarkMan’s contentious statements, which the abroad-based man condemned as crossing the line from activism into unwarranted insults.

Obinna Aligwekwe.

Taking to Facebook, Aligwekwe highlighted the distinction between constructive criticism and derogatory remarks, emphasizing that activism should not be synonymous with verbal attacks.

“Saying the truth is different from dishing out unsolicited insult. “Sometimes the two can overlap and give one the impression that it’s about activism.

“For example, I can insult Yahaya Bello and sound like an activist, because the man is currently on the run.

“It’s a different thing if I the same person insults and denigrates Tiwa Savage for wearing skimpy clothes and snapping photos with it.

“Then the same person goes to insult Flavour and joins his two baby mothers in the tirade, simply for sounding a friendly note of caution. “That’s not an activist. “That is a loose cannon.” the man said.


Accompanying his critique, Aligwekwe shared an edited version of a photograph featuring himself and VeryDarkMan, with the latter visibly removed.

This comes after VeryDarkMan’s controversial remarks following the Chivido wedding, specifically targeting Iyabo Ojo, her daughter, her partner Paulo, and Obi Cubana.

Netizens Reactions…

Okeke Johnbosco Udo Bros said: “Those that took pics with huspuppy are still doing well tho… I don’t see taking pics with VDM as a thing to lament about.. Cos he is actually good in his own way!”

Jimmy Owo said: “But wetin the guy do all the people posting against him? “Abi, everyone just wants to cancel him? “Coz the bad mouthing he’s accused of, is against those who also do same to him. He only extends it to those who join to dragging him. “All these so-called celebrities are the same. Na just the case of having or “stanning” your fav.”

Nma Onyegide Nwaneri said: “U suppose use blue paint…Israel used blue on yellow background..if u use red on this black and grey background…e no go bad o.”

DeReal Observar said; “U too wan use VDM trend .”

Òlù Fé Mí said: “It was the bloggers that caused it. “The day they addressed him as activist was the day he lost it. “Like, do you know who an activist is? How did he become an activist ? What’s even the correlation here? I felt the name activist was like Valencia in Manchester United wearing the jersey number 7.”

Okereke Vivian said: “Lol. “You don Isreal am .

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