Shade Ladipo advises ladies not to rush into changing their names after marriage



Media personality Shade Ladipo has urged ladies to carefully consider changing their names after marriage, stating her reasons.

In her Instagram story, the popular media personality expressed her happiness about not rushing to change her name when she got married.

Shade Ladipo.

She emphasized that she couldn’t simply change the name she had built into a brand over 20 years just because of marriage.

She advised newly wedded women not to be quick to change their names, especially on legal documents, noting that there is plenty of time to do so.

In her words: “Do you want to know 1 thing I’m so happy I didn’t rush to when I was married? Changing my name How did I spend over 20yrs building the ‘Shadé Ladipo ‘brand to changing it overnight to another name? Some people see my father and say Oh you’re Shadé Ladipo’s Father Sis, you worked too hard to build your brand, don’t be too quick to change it especially on legal documents. Take your time, there’s no hurry I Promise you! #TeamHappiness”


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