Community in shock as man reportedly crushed to death by truck returns to life weeks after burial



A Tanzanian man, Robert Maliaki Lukumay, has left his community in shock as he reportedly returns to life weeks after being run over by a truck and buried.

Robert previously believed to have tragically died in a road accident, reappeared alive and well in his village, sparking surprise and disbelief among his family and neighbours.

The astonishing news came just a month after his supposed burial on May 30th, which had been attended by mourners who thought they were bidding their final farewells to him.

According to Robert’s account in an interview with Ayo TV, he had been away from home for a month when news of his death spread throughout the community.

Robert Maliaki Lukumay.

During his absence, he lost contact with his family and became homeless, unaware of the unfolding tragedy.

Upon returning to his village, he was met with shock as he discovered that he had been declared dead and laid to rest.

Robert expressed his disbelief and discomfort at the situation, admitting that he had yet to visit his own grave due to the unsettling feeling it gave him.

He also called for the exhumation of the buried body believed to be his, in order to clarify the mistaken identity.

“My wish is for the body to be exhumed so that the identity of whoever is buried is determined,” Robert said.

Robert’s mother, Flora, recounted the fateful day they received news of her son’s death in a road accident.

According to her, they went to the morgue, confirmed it was Robert’s body, and then organized his burial.

On the day they were burying my son, we noticed the casket was shaking vigorously as it was being lowered,” the mother said in part during the interview.

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