Speed Darlington cries out after bleach damaged white shirt he’s using to search for wife



Controversial musician, Speed Darlington cries out after a popular bleach allegedly damaged the white shirt he is using to search for a wife.

In a video he made, he claimed that he used a popular bleach on his white shirt, a shirt which he very much adores.

Speed Darlington.

Much to his dismay, the shirt got damag‏ed. He stated that he had used the shirt multiple times in going on dates looking for a wife.

He lamented over the damaged shirt as he showed it off on the camera, which depicted the raggedly shirt.

Reactions have followed …

princebutnowking said: “Celebrity without a dry cleaner”

tehila_signature said: “The fact he knows people will laugh, cracks me up”

donchilo6 asserted: “It sounds funny but what if he actually bought a fake produced hypo? This country a lot of products are fake and locally manufactured”

edufunkey said: “Who come stamp lipstick on your shirt baba?. Make we start from there.”

ud_pearl wrote: “how Akpi take know wetin devil put for yansh this man”

braids_by_kingtiana stated: “He already said is serious,buh many of you will start laughing u all be serious na”

dave_blendz said: “I trust presido as he talk am he go do am!”

estradas_ignacious remarked: “At least u find love for the show ba ? Use am hold body”

Watch video below …

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