James Brown brags about being the only Nigerian influencer to study in London



Famous socialite, James Brown speaks about his biggest achievements as he reveals that he is the only Nigerian influencer to have went to a London university to study.

He made this known to the content creator as he spoke on his time abroad and his brand identity as a social media influencer.

James Brown.

James Brown stated that his biggest achievement is that he has a life that works perfectly fine for him and his critics and keyboard warriors should get a life for themselves.

He revealed that amongst many others, he had been the only one to move to London to study among other Nigerian influencers.

Timi Agbaje however reminded him that he only spent one month studying there, at which point James reprimanded him.

James Brown in UK.

He noted that it was a business administration course that lasted for two years but he had spent only a year.

James Brown got pissed and cited other celebrities who paused their studies abroad to pursue one endeavour or the other, mentioning such names as Tiwa Savage and Cuppy.

James Brown also spoke on his recent visit to his ‘aunty’ Bobrisky in Kirikiri, but refused to answer whether he had met Bobrisky in person.

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“You can’t believe I’m the only influencer that went to London to go and study”



— Dami’ Adenuga (@DAMIADENUGA) July 9, 2024

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