Nigerian mum overjoyed as 2-year-old son returns from school with empty flasks after packing plenty of food for him



A Nigerian mum, identified as @princesseniolorounda on TikTok, has shared a heartwarming video showcasing her 2-year-old son’s remarkable change in eating habits since starting school.

Initially packing his lunch flasks with a variety of food and snacks, she was pleasantly surprised when his little son returned from school with all flasks emptied.

In the viral TikTok video, @princesseniolorounda displayed the packed lunch containers filled with nutritious treats for her toddler’s school day.

However, the highlight was when the little boy returned home with all the flasks completely empty, indicating he had consumed everything packed for him.

Expressing her joy and amazement, the mother attributed her son’s newfound healthy appetite to his time at school.

In her words;

“What my 2 year old toddler went to school with inside his lunch box and how he came back with it. He started eating well since he entered that school and I am happy with it.”

Netizens Reactions…

@Juicytee said: “All these things pass your baby now. We say mk we help your baby now. One good turn deserves another ehn mummy.”

@New discoveries wrote: “My niece is the type that will not eat unless you eat with her so we pack extra for the teacher.”

@HER said: “Na me be the teacher. Madam next time Dey add plenty pepper for ur stew, I no dey like stew wey pepper no catch, and no dey let ur spag too done.”

@Marygold said: “My son doesn’t eat much at home but he never return food come house before. Anyway make teacher sef chop o Cus she need strength 2 handle him.”

@Estelle asked: “Na food your pikin go eat for school? Do you want to turn him into a glutton?I Dey ask you?”

@Babygurl_marisah added: “As an Early years teacher in a Montessori Sch I assure you that half of that food was thrown in the thrash nor be teacher chop am make una dey learn to put d portion wey una children fit eat.”

@Samira asked: “Do the teachers really eat the food or throw it away?”

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