My Festac Experience – Joy David


I love festac because its a place of doing business and seeing results, you see businesses like mama put sells a lot in festac, there are many more businesses like bars, the field for sporting activities at least you meet different kinds of people.

Greatest moments in festac:
Well being in festac is something nice, the environment where i have lived is cool like 23 road and 6th avenue, the green grasses and the swampy 😂 areas, i took a picture facing nature

If i was given the opportunity to change something in festac it would be the going back to the original plan of how festac should have been.

On what makes be happy?

Sitting and chatting with people that matters a lot to me are what makes me happy.


Name: Joy David
Hobbies: listening to music and surfing the internet
Occupation: student
Facebook Profile : Nnachi Joy




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