By Oluwadara Badiru

The executive chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Engr. Dr. Valentine Buraimoh hosted the second stake holders meeting with organisations across the Local Government.

Like the previous meeting, according to the council chairman, the purpose is to call on some organisation to perform their corporate social responsibility so as to assist the government in fostering community development. Institutions present at the meeting includes, Globus bank, Zenith Bank, Unity Bank, Royal Hotel and Suite and LG Festac Showroom.

Mr Femi Luther, the guest speaker, explained the idea behind CSR and its importance. In his words, “CSR is the idea businesses have to create a positive impact on society and environment. It is also how companies contribute to the well-being of thier community” The main motive of CSR is to give back to one’s society, this is because every community have peculiar needs and the government cannot meet all of them. Mr Femi encouraged all stakeholders to seize opportunities they get to partner with the government thereby being more socially responsible and increasing positive impact in the community.

In order to motivate stakeholders and help them see a reason to give their quota to the government. Mr Abayomi Adejumo, the Chief Press Secretary and coordinator of the CSR unit familiarised participating company representatives with the administration of Engr Valentine Buraimoh. He spoke about the infrastructural projects that have been completed and those that are on going (Administrative building, customary court, LASIEC office, LNSC office , shopping malls). He mentioned the Chairman’s active participation in the various sectors of the government, which include: security, health, education, amongst others.

According to Mr Abayomi, “the 23 road market, was formerly a den for armed robbers and thieves but by construction the new market, those activities were eradicated.” He also mentioned that the chairman’s administration also worked on and rehabilitated public schools, providing furniture and equipments. Through the current chairman’s administration, health centres have been built because he believes people’s health should be prioritised and health is wealth. “The primary health care is free, neighbouring local governments come to make use of the health centre.” The Chief Press Secretary closes by saying that even though it is the chairman’s second tenure, he is not relenting.

As the meeting came to a close, the participants were allowed to ask questions and give their own feedback. Mrs Jennifer Uwaechie from LG Festac showroom said that the health centre should be equipped with more consultants to prevent loss of lives. Another participant complained about security issues along the 1st avenue road, he said, “miscreants come to vandalise property and when we report to the police nothing is done.” Mr Isaac from Zenith Bank urged that attention be paid to the road at the first gate enterance. According to him, the road is inaccessible and the manholes have been removed leading to accidents.

The Chief of Staff, Honourable Abubakar Oluwasegun Idris, who stood in for the chairman, responds to the feedback given. He appreciated the feedback got from the stakeholders submitting that the government is indeed aware of all they had to say and they are actually trying their best. He laments that there are three tiers of government yet, all the responsibility is given only to the local government. The local government pays the salary of its workers and even school teachers. He said, “the demands of the people are much but the resources we have are small and we can’t afford to borrow.” The chief of staff expressed that the local government needs more financial resources because they are the closest to the people.

An appeal was made again by the coordinator to stakeholders to play their own role of CSR, to assist the local government, after which certificates of participation was distributed for all stakeholders.

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