Wofai Fada’s in-laws release public statement debunking reports of her marriage to their son



In a shocking development, the purported in-laws of famous actress and comedienne, Wofai Fada have refuted any knowledge of an marriage between her and their son.

The news of an engagement between the actress and her mystery lover made headlines on May 4th as she shared photos and videos of them after accepting his marriage proposal and expressed her joy at finding her “happily ever after.”

However, in a recent twist, The Cole Family, the family of her mystery partner identified as Taiwo Olakitan Cole, released a public statement denying any knowledge of their son’s marriage to the actress in a traditional ceremony in Ugep, Cross River State.

They strongly asserted that neither friends, acquaintances, nor family were aware of or gave consent to the engagement.

The family emphasized that anyone claiming association with the Cole lineage through this purported event is unrecognized and unaccepted by them.

The statement read: “Images and videos come to our attention showing our son Taiwo getting married to a Wofai Ewa in a traditional ceremony in Ugep, Cross River State. This serves to notify all acquaintances, family, and friends that the Cole family of Victoria Island Lagos are not aware of any marriage ceremony of our Son Taiwo Olakitan Cole, neither did we grant permission nor support in this regard. As such, person(s) parading themselves as new members of the Cole heritage by virtue of this purported event, are not known nor accepted by the family. All publications and documents being circulated about this are to be disregarded.”

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