Lady shares man’s hilarious reaction after turning down his advances



A Nigerian lady has elicited reactions by sharing a man‘s response after she turned down his advances for sexual intimacy.

She leaked a WhatsApp voice message he sent, where he recalled their past outing and repeatedly expressed his desire for sexual intimacy.

He noted that even though it wasn’t his usual approach, he conceded to her suggestion of going on a date first to get acquainted before anything happened.

He lamented her rejection, stating she underestimated what she could have gained and would have scored very high in his good book.

Expressing disappointment, he questioned her regard for his feelings and declared his loss of trust in her.

See some reactions that followed…

Dr Farouk noted: “Must you always post everything on social media. I can never trust this lady with anything”

Daniel wrote: “I’d mark you high in my books, this one na 4unit course”

Jesam wrote: “Because of punani man send VN of 1:40min ”

Anthonia wrote: “Men are scorpions… When they sting, they disappear… SMH”

Charles said: “I can now see why she rejected him”

Etim asked: “Can people actually be this raw?”

Zainab wrote: “Men are really cheap….”

CRESIC PHARM said: “See as the guy dy fool himself on top sex”

Falaq Amin advised: “His voice is giving me goosebumps. Don’t fall for this girls stay sharp. He is looking for naive girl he can deceive ”


Lady shares a man’s reaction after turning down his s3x advances.

— YabaLeftOnline (@yabaleftonline) May 7, 2024

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