Yinka Quadri reveals why he ended beef and reconciled with best friend Ogogo



Famous Yoruba actor Yinka Quadri has finally opened up on why he ended his beef with his best friend Ogogo and reconciled with him.

The video, which had been the topic of much conjecture, showed him and Taiwo Hassan Ogogo mending their long-standing enmity.

There was speculation that Yinka Quadri’s absence from Ogogo’s daughter Shaki’s wedding and naming ceremony was due to their feud.

At their fellow colleague Yomi Fabiyi’s birthday celebration, the once-rival Nollywood actors unexpectedly put aside their disagreements and publicly buried the hatchet with a passionate hug.

Yinka Quadri and Ogogo, veteran Yoruba actors

Speaking in Yoruba, the actor openedly discussed the reasons for his friendship with his old friend’s reconciliation, stressing that their personal conflict had been kept secret up until this point.

Yinka went on to explain that while arguments were unavoidable, he and Ogogo had grown past them and moved on.

He went on to say that their friendship’s lasting power was due to a supernatural bond, implying that there was something more profound than human understanding at play.

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