Mixed reactions trail video of elderly women queuing to receive satchets of spaghetti



A video that has caused a buzz online shows some elderly women queuing to receive spaghetti under the sun.

The video was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) by a netizen known as @alakowee who expressed sympathy for the women.

Elderly women receiving spaghetti.

In the video that was shared online, a man who exited his red car was seen holding packets of spaghetti which he handed out to the women who were lined up under the sun to receive the gifts.

However, the video stirred mixed reactions among netizens who expressed divergent views.

Reactions as elderly women queue under the run to receive spaghetti …

@Donaldestat opined: “It might even be an expired spaghetti”

@moses_me19 wrote: “See as the thing the pain me enter my heart ah!!! I mistakenly see my mother like this house no go content the both of us. What is this shame ooo
Ah!!? This one pain me ni”

@Royal_Citizens remarked: “Spaghetti that used to be sold for #200 before 2015 is what these old women are now kneeling to collect?”

@LadyGrasha commented: “This is an ugly view, a shame and slap to the elderly. For even spaghetti! What hunger will cause… This is just so sad. I can’t imagine seeing my relative doing this”

Watch video below …

This is so heartbreaking, but we warned!

Some of these old women don’t even eat spaghetti. This is another consequence of ‘omo eni ole sedi bebere ka fileke sidi omo elomiran,’ and the mere distribution of N3000 during election.

Let’s hope Nigerians will wake up one day and… pic.twitter.com/bQJEOSETyM

— Alákòwé (@alakowee) May 7, 2024


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