Kanayo exposes male actors’ ‘unnatural relationships’ in industry



Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo gets candid on the rising number of ‘unnatural relationships’ between male actors while lamenting the desperation of talentless female newcomers.

The veteran actor on Nedu Wazobia’s popular podcast ‘The Honest Bunch’ revealed some hidden aspects of Nollywood, exposing covert tactics that have hindered the industry’s growth.

During the podcast, Kanayo O Kanayo discussed his long-term acting goals and his desire for a successful career even after clocking 90.

The veteran actor, without holding back, addressed the pervasive issue of homosexuality in the film industry amongst male actors and producers.

“Are you aware most actors are on drugs? For men, those who have unnatural… when I mean unnatural, in law, it means when man dey sleep with man,” he said partly.

Kanayo openly expressed concern about the influx of inexperienced young women into Nollywood who have gained access through unscrupulous means.

He condemned the prevalence of individuals who lack acting talent but have secured roles through dubious methods such as “sex-for-role.”

He emphasized that acting is a skill that requires intrinsic ability, which can be developed but cannot be achieved through shortcuts or manipulation.

“Many girls are desperate to act; you don’t come to Nollywood to learn how to cat. Acting is in you, if it’s not there, go and learn how to sell crayfish,” he stated.

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