Kanayo O. Kanayo shares reasons for not believing in having one wife



Veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has explained his views on marriage, revealing why he does not believe a man should have just one wife.

During a recent interview on The Honest Bunch podcast hosted by Nedu Wazobia, the renowned actor discussed a range of topics.

Kanayo o. Kanayo.

Kanayo explained that, as an African man, he does not believe in having just one wife, stating that it is not part of African culture or tradition, but rather an imported concept.

He also criticized pastors who ask their congregants, whom they did not raise, to bring them their first fruits. Kanayo emphatically stated that one’s first salary should go to their father, not their pastor.

His words: “I don’t believe in one wife. It is not our culture, it is not our tradition, it is not who we are. These are imported things.

“Religion has brought a lot of washing that a man will sit in the comfort of his home and ask my son or daughter to bring what they call the first fruit. For what? Na you train am? We all have anointing. Bible says “Ye are gods.” I am a god. Your first salary is for your father, not your pastor.”


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