Pastor sells plots of land in heaven for $100, reportedly gets God’s approval



A Mexican pastor has gone viral on social media for selling plots of land in heaven for $100, claiming that God gave him approval and that purchasers will have secured their spots in heaven.

This was revealed in a post making waves on the popular social media platform TikTok.

Pastor sells plots of land in heaven for $100.

In the post, the pastor mentioned that he recently spoke with God before taking this step and received divine approval.

The pastor reportedly confirmed that any individual can buy as many plots of land as they want in heaven, with each plot costing $100, and that whoever buys it will have already secured their spots in heaven.

See some reactions below: 

Eve: “People actually believe them and pay? .”

Miles: “i’m not even religious and i know that’s some kind of sin.”

Anna: “This is INSANE there is no easy way into heaven.”

ironingwaffles: “tbf if you’re that thick then you deserve to be scammed.”

Soetmeister : “The space is unlimited. So not in interesting investment.”

AuthenticDiscoveries: “Ima start a religion & do the same….”

rspt: “100 bucks aint bad for something that might work.”

nex : “and people say that churches aren’t money hungry..”

user4798278362949: “This is literally how protestantism began..”

Stephen7777777: “God would not approve of this. Satans work.”

Usain: “They haven’t have figured out how to make everything that is free cost something.”



This Christian church in Mexico is selling plots of land in ‘heaven’ starting at $100 per square metre… You can even pay with American Express, Apple pay, or set up a payment plan. The pastor of the Church of End Time says he spoke to God in 2017 and he ‘authorised the sale of his plots’ #fy #fyp #mexico #mexico #church #churchtiktok #pastor #scam #land #plot #news #worldnews #breakingnews #funny

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