Yul Edochie addresses reports linking him to actor shot dead by police in kidnapping gunfight



Actor Yul Edochie has addressed reports linking him to a colleague actor the late Eson Rich, who was shot by the police during a gunfight.

The Lagos State Police Command announced last week that nine alleged kidnappers who “targeted high net-worth residents” in the state had been killed.

The command’s spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, revealed that a gunfight resulted in the suspects’ deaths.

The case of the kidnapping took an unexpected turn when prominent film producer Eson Rich became one of the main suspects.

Yul Edochie, Nollywood actor

The picture of him and Yul that went viral and was widely shared alongside stories of the deceased director showed them as best friends, adding a strong element of scandal to the story as it was developing.

Yul Edochie dragged blogs for claiming he was friends with the deceased. Yul criticized how this photo was edited by the media to create false news.

He angrily denied that they were friends, explaining that their only communication had been a fortuitous run-in on a film set when they had taken a picture of each other.

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