Festac Town was designed as a fully functional housing estate to house participants at the Second World Festival of Arts and Culture held in 1977. For this to have been effective, all necessary components needed in an ideal community must have been in place.  38 years after, Festac Town is still replete with better functioning components. Take a look at some of them.


Housing in Festac: There are over 5,000 housing units, including the older classical building and the more modern contemporary buildings. There are also mass housing units available in Festac Town.

Transportation in Festac: Cars, buses, shuttle cabs, keke napeps, bikes are all available. Make your choice when you want to move around the town. The cost of transportation is on the low side and allows people in all economical categories to use any of the choices.


Environment in Festac: Festac Roads are improving in their quality daily. Beautiful flowers line the roads and walkways, thus making the environment enticing to the eyes. You can be sure to live healthy in Festac.


Businesses in Festac: Festac Businesses range from retail shops to wholesale shops, boutiques, provision stores, stationery shops, food houses, automobile, banking, etc. You can be sure to find anything you need in your vicinity.


  Education in Festac: Festac Town is concerned with education and there are schools of all levels except the tertiary. Minding the traffic situation in the state, you wouldn’t want the stress of taking your children to school in far away locations.


Eating in Festac: You can be sure to get good nutritious food and ‘small chops’ at anytime of the day within Festac, from top level eateries, even to the man in the night happy to sell you some tasty Suya.






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